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TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2016
TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2015 -- Slides & Videos
TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2014 -- Slides & Videos
TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2013

Pre-Conference Seminar: TFI Technology Forecasting for Valuation
TFI Technology Forecasting Seminar
MiniTrends Conference 2014: Insight, Innovation & Strategy
MiniTrends Conference 2013: The Integration of Profit & Social Responsibility
MiniTrends Conference 2012: Translating Emerging Trends into Business Opportunities

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Lawrence K. Vanston, Focus Area: Telecommunications Forecasting and Trends
John H. Vanston, Focus Areas: Minitrends and Technology Forecasting and Management
Carrie Vanston, Focus Areas: Minitrends MindsetTM for Profit and Purpose
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Holiday Cards
We are famous for our company company holiday cards reflecting a recent event or trend!
Verses by Dr. John H. Vanston, Chairman, TFI; Design and Concept by Helen Mary V. Marek, Art Director