Carrie Vanston

The Energy Accelerator
Vice President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc.

Carrie Vanston, Collaborator, MinitrendsCarrie helps organizations, large and small, maximize purpose and connection to create better performance and profit. She is a consummate connector and peacemaker who enjoys bringing people together to share, collaborate, connect, and grow through workshops, presentations, facilitation, and coaching. She is developer of "Five Keys to an Engaged & Innovative Culture" and co-author of the award-winning book MINITRENDS: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends. Her article, "Five Keys to an Engaged & Innovative Culture," placed #4 in the "Top Ten Texas CEO Magazine Articles from 2015.".

The Five Keys gives a pathway to a conscious business culture and the book is a "how-to" on finding new ideas and running with them. Combining culture and innovation gives Carrie and her expert staff and partners the unique tools for  strengthening connections and encouraging foresight, development, and collaboration. 

Carrie directed TFI’s popular MiniTrends Conference Series for three years with themes including “The Integration of Profit & Social Responsibility,” “Insight, Innovation & Strategy,” and “Translating Emerging Trends into Business Opportunities.”  Carrie also has strong marketing and media skills.

In addition to her expertise in leadership and organizational culture, Carrie also has a strong marketing and media expertise developed during her many years as Vice President of Communications at Technology Futures, Inc.

Carrie enjoys speaking about how to create and grow successful businesses with great cultures. Presentations include IEEE CTCN; WorldFuture 2015; Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact Conference; WorldFutures 2014 and 2013 Master Courses; RISE Conference; BiG AUSTIN’S Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development – Latin America Regional Project and Women in Technology Multi-Regional Project; Product Camp; The University of Texas’ SAGE Program; TFI Technology Forecasting for Valuation Conference; West Point Society; and Central Texas World Future Society.

Carrie is a member of the National and Local Chapter of World Future Society, the Consious Capitalism Chapter of Austin, NI Speechmeisters Toastmaster, and involved in several other groups. She loves to dance, travel, and spend time with her two children. She has a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin and course work at UCLA. 

Members of the press who wish to receive information about TFI and its products and services, or who would like to arrange interviews with staff members on subjects within their areas of expertise, should contact Ms. Vanston at (800) 835-3887 or (512) 258-8898, or contact TFI.