Technology Futures provides top quality custom studies and technology forecasts on key trends to a wide variety of commercial, government, and academic organizations.

Founded 1978


We bring to the table:

  • Our futures focus
  • In-depth experience
  • A wide range of proven forecasting and trend analysis methods
  • An excellent track-record with our customers attesting to the value and quality of our forecasting services

What makes us different?

  • Specialized research and consulting in technology forecasting, depreciation and valuation, and telecommunications forecasting
  • In-depth and targeted research on specific topics
  • Continuous support for on-going projects
  • Senior consultants and researchers


TFI Track Record
TFI Speaking Engagements

Appraisal for Ad Valorem Taxation Logo Annual Wichita Program: Appraisal for Ad Valorem Taxation
Wichita, Kansas
Product Camp Logo
International Foresight Forum,
Helsinki, Finland

World Future Society Annual Conference
Toronto, Canada

32st Annual International Symposium on Forecasting

Boston, MA

IFF LogoInstitute for Professionals in Taxation 36th Annual Conference
Indian Wells, CA

Metropolitan Breakfast Club
Austin, Texas

RISE Conference

Austin, Texas

FCIAAO 2011 TPP Seminar
Lake Mary, FL

Austin-Silicon Hills Rotary Club
Austin, Texas

Society of Depreciation Logo
25th Annual Society of Depreciation Professionals Meeting
Atlanta, GA

New York State Assessors' Association Annual Meeting and Seminar
Buffalo, NY

IFF LogoThe International Institute
of Forecasters'
31st Annual International Symposium on Forecasting

Prague, Czech Republic

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