Telecommunications Forecasting

Turmoil in the communications arena presents both users and suppliers of communications services and equipment with unprecedented opportunities, as well as very serious threats. TFI provides information, forecasts, analysis, and strategic insights which support business decisions involving wireless and wireline communications technologies and markets including voice, video, and data applications.

Clients typically use TFI Telecommunications Forecasting to:

Each year, TFI conducts special research projects and publishes the results of these projects in reports which are available to the public. Many of these projects and reports are sponsored by the Telecommunications Technology Forecasting Group, which is comprised of major North American local exchange carriers.

Clients who have utilized TFI Telecom Forecasting include, among many others, AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Bell Canada, SureWest, and Sprint/Nextel.

If you believe TFI can be of assistance to you in the Telecommunications Forecasting area, please contact us at (512) 258-8898 or We welcome your inquiries.


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