2019 TFI Technology Conference


Kim Houser 

Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

TFI Conference Speaker: Kim Houser, Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State UniversityKimberly A. Houser, JD. is an award-winning legal educator, thought-provoking scholar, and long-time tech attorney, with over two decades of legal experience. Her research focuses on areas in which the U.S. federal government has not kept up with changes in society and technology, making clear how current law does not meet the needs of the people. 

Dr. Houser’s research includes privacy, big data, marijuana legalization and tax issues, and unconscious bias/gender diversity issues. Houser made national headlines last fall for her paper examining ways that the IRS (the U.S taxing authority) is breaking privacy and data security laws by data mining citizens' information from social media as well as commercial and public data pools. She also recently attended the invitation-only Sci Foo 2018 event at Facebook headquarters, sponsored by O'Reilly Media, Sage Ocean and Facebook, and was the Keynote Speaker at a legal studies conference at Oxford where she spoke about the GDPR. Houser also was an invited speaker at SXSW in Austin, Texas where she terrified audiences with her discoveries about the IRS’s foray into big data and at TNW in Amsterdam - the largest tech conference in Europe - where she spoke to a European audience on the GDPR. She is the author of The Legal Guide to Social Media, one of the first commercial books addressing the risks of posting and hosting online.

When Kimberly is not teaching students, researching legal issues relating to privacy and big data, or talking about how the IRS is stalking us, she loves playing fantasy football. One of her proudest moments was serving as a Guest Football Coach for the WSU football team.